Second Paper (Shakespeare’s)

 Second Paper

Subject: 14159 Curs Monogràfic: Shakespeare through Performance

Student’s name: Nadal Ferrándiz, Carmen

Title of the paper: Evolution of the characters in three comedies of Shakespeare

Author or topic: William Shakespeare


Taking into account the topic of the first paper, and having introduced the aims for this second paper, I will analize the main characters in three comedies of Shakespeare, including the one in the first paper. Trying to see more clearly the evolution of the characters, I will take a comedy from his early period: The Comedy of Errors; the one I analyzed in the first paper, which is from the middle period: Much A Do About Nothing; and one of the latest period: The Taming of the Shrew. Once this is done, I will conclude with the main ideas.

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I think I deserve at least 7.


Academic year 2011/2012
© a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
© Carmen Nadal Ferrándiz

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