The reason why I choose this author and not another one, was that my mother told me about him, and she advised me about his controversial life and his contradictions about religion and God. So that’s why I became very interested in knowing more about all his life and his work. First to prove that all the information from my mother was real and true or if it was just a legend or some general opinion without any checkout. And then, to understand that contradiction, in some way, I would like to put me in his place and try to comprehend his conduct and all his beliefs; if I am identified with him or not.

To sum up, my mother generated me this curiosity about that man, and I would like to prove by myself if it is someone I could agree in some aspects or if it is just a man with some obsolete ideas and beliefs that, in it would be good for his decade but not for nowadays.

This way, I would try to collect the most information about him I can, and analyze it through my point of view. This information includes his personal life, from his childhood to his maturity, his career (all his studies, and his novels and works), and his beliefs.

I hope from that project to have a wider and more complex view of that author, and to make people reflex about that man, that was so important at that time.

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