In this paper I tried to know a little more from this author, and I think that with all my work I’m having a very different idea I had at first about him. When you spend some time reading and trying to understand his behaviour you see that somethings can be explained in some way because of his childhood. But many other things, from my point of view, can’t be explained anyway, because if you are defending some ideas everytime, then you can’t do all the contrary, if not you would be an hypocrite. And that’s what he did when he was with other women at the same time he was married with his wife.

I know he hadn’t had a good time when he was young, but it would never justify his behaviour with his wife, or at least, if he wouldn’t defended catholicism… But one of the ideas of this religion is the monogamy, and especially not to hurt the other feelings person. “How could he preach with catholic faith in his novels, but not with his own example?”

Although, I always would be in doubt if all his life was a fake because it was from the British Secret Service, as many people say on the internet, and in his biographies.

To sum up, I think that working about this author with the aim of taking a general view of his life, has produced me a big curiosity of knowing more interesting aspects about some other authors like him.

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