Having finalised the job, I can say that it was not so difficult as I expected to be. It was an exciting experience to follow the story knowing that depending on my choose, the story could be totally different. Obviously, my curiosity made me re-read it many times and find the three different endings.

It has to be read carefully if you don’t want to get confused, because in one of the parts of the hypertext, it is explained that all the lovers he talked about were their own journals, but they called this way because they had a “code language”, but at the same time he manteins that both were lying each other.

Finally, I would like to say I’m happy to have choosen this story because, it is not only a fiction story, it makes you reflect about life and lies, how they affect people. And then, I have to explain that I was very incredulous about all these hypertext, a new type of stories for me, but I realised that it is much better than I though. So I get into a conclusion: Out of prejudices, first you have to taste, and then you can opine.

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