I’ve decided to work abour this hypertext because I found it very interesting and not too difficult to understand and to follow it. I was looking for some easy hypertext, because it is the first time I read one, and many others seemed to very difficult to concentrate on the plot, because of their complex structure.

So, thi is a hypertext which is structured with two basic patterns: one the “truth” and the other one  the “lie”. You have to follow the story deciding to click on one or another. This decision will make the story different, depending on the word you decided you to cick in, although the content of the story is always the same. But if you choose always the “truth” your perspective of the story would be different than if you choose always “lie”, or if you go alternating both options.

The scene is always with a black background, and with some short paragraphs with red lyrics. There is no music, and any image. But if you try several times you can prove that there’s more than one ending.

The story tells the relationship between a boy and his girlfriend, and about all the lies they have told to the other one. They are living together nowadys, but the narrator tells that in the past they both lied to the other, and they used to write it in a kind of diary. Depending on your way of choosing, it would a happy ending, or an ending that gives you freedom to imagine what would it be.

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