The Faith

Here I found an interesting article, in which I could find something said by himself: “My life is marked by a succession of failures which left their traces on my work. I think they’re the warp and weft of it.”  So, he let us see that he is not happy with his own life, but he justifies all his works with his bitter life.

He does a review of all his life, and starting with his childhood, he admitts that he was mistreated for being the son of such an important person, because people hopes from him much more than he did; but he was only a child. He talks about it as a “mental torture” and the worst period of his life.

However, he keeps a good memory of his mother, because he said, she never interfered in his privacy. About his father, he says that he didn’t disagree about the fact he become a catholic.

He was very convinced of his faith, and about life after death. One of the sentence of his essays says: “Goodness has only once found a perfect incarnation in a human body and never will again, but evil can always find a home there. Human nature is not black and white but black and grey.”, which demonstrates all his blind faith.

He was hurt when he separated from his wife, as he was supposed to be: “I never knew love was like this, a pain that only stops when I’m with people, drinking. Thank God, from tomorrow there are lots of engagements.” But, personally I keep thinking that he wouldn’t be so depressed, as he went out with other women.

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