This is a paper about the forgotten author John Clare (1793 – 1864).

My choice was not due to any special reason,it was just because I didn’t want to repeat the authors that had been already chosen, but then reading a little about him I realized what type of character I was dealing with. I mean, he was one of the poets with the worse economic and social situations. He was son of a farm labourer, and so he had a rural way of living. He worked as farm labourer like his father and at a tavern, so nobody would expect that he would became a famous writer with time.

But he liked poetry and he started to write on his own some poems. He used to write about nature, as a good Romantic poet, and besides, he left most poems unfinished. However he didn’t succed until 1820, with Poems Descriptive of Rural Life and Scenery. And then when he was sent to an assylum, not only he did not stop writing but he achieved even more success. But honestly he was not recognized as he has been much after in the 20th; he is said to be the best rural poet, according to many people.

This is just a very superficial image about him, but if you want you can see much more in the section of biographies, in which I included the most suitable biographies I found.

It is said that many authors of the time had problems with their sponsors and publishers, and obviuosly John Clare was not an exception. There has been a lot of controversy around this topic It is not an easy issue to raise, but it has to be mentioned, because it is very important. So I also added an article that perfectly explains how the situation was and I made a comment on it.

If you are interested in his poetry you can also visit the web I have linked. And nowadays with the current technologies we are used to, you can listen to the poems not only through the common page youtube, where you can find for example: “I am“, or ” The isntinct of hope“, but also in other websites, as LibriVox.

Doing a process of assimilation of all the information I have searched, I ended up in a conclusion.


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