Analysing this author I have changed my image of him at least twice, because as I kept on reading I started to know much more things about him. At the very beginning I honestly have to say that I though it was a wrong choice, because I couldn’t see many information about him, but then, when I searched a little more, I understood that I just had to look for it better.

So, in the process of making an image of him, I learnt that he was from a poor family, and that he just started to write because he liked it. And then, with the help of his “dear” sponsor, Taylor, he published his first works.

I said “dear” in an ironic way, because, I have also found out, in an article, what this character meant to Clare’s poetry. He modified his texts in the way he wanted, as he was his sponsor, and Clare depended on him. I understood that he take advantage of Clare’s poverty (and innocence).

Despite of the fact mentioned before, he succeed at his time, but then in the same way the fame came to him, it leaft him. That’s the idea that is so well explained in the “Romantic Biography“. Here I found another point of view that I haven’t considered since then. As it says he’s a “re-fashioning” poet, because time to time, he manage to be an actual issue. Good or bad, this is a thing that not all poets can achieve.

So, that’s why I changed my mind so many times, because there are so many points of views as people in the world.


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