In this paper, I learned a lot of things about John Clare, specially by analysing his poem I am and also by looking at his other poems. In general, there is nothing that has surprised me in a special way, because I already knew that as a Romantic poet he would talk about nature and love, and moreover knowing that he was a peasent and he was a famous poet because of that, it is not an extraordinary thing that he talks about those topics in his poems. But, on the other hand, I didn’t expect that he would be also known because of his madness.

As I read, he suffered from a depression so his mind might not be well-balanced, but surprisingly enough his most famous poems were written in those years. The most of them was I am. It was full of contradictions, and it also talked about death by using metaphors so it is a bit ambiguous. In this paper I tried to analyse it the best I could, and by following my feelings when I read it. The thing is that, in my opinion, analysing a poem can be very subjective, because it can be viewed differently, not only depending on the people who read it, but also depending on the period of your life you are living. You can identify with it if you are sad, and you take this interpretation, or by the contrary, you can by no means feel identified with it because you are not living anything similar to that. Apart from that, the metaphors can be interpreted in different ways. But the truth is that, specially in this case of the poem I am, the topic of the death is very present.

Also, in his other poems he dealed with other Romantic topics such as love, nature… I think the topic of the poem is very related with the period of time he was living. For example at the first years he was starting to write poems, the topic of nature was very present, and we have a lot of examples of it, in many poems, that I also showed to you in the paper, although there are many more. And in his middle age, or when he was young and find his first love, he talked about this topic too. As he was in love, I think, he was more propitius to write about love.

And, the most controversial topic was that about his madness. As I said, he suffered from depression. Many people defend the idea that he was insane. And by reading the poem, you can observe some things that could contribute to this idea, if you interpret they as so. But if you are more rational, and you think that he just was depressed, and as he was an old person, he though about death more than a young boy could do, you could interpret his supposed madness, just as something that a depressed person could say.

To sum up, I think that doing this paper, made me consolidate the knowledge I already knew, and moreover, learn something else about him, but that I would always have the doubt about if he was crazy or just ill. Not only that, I also saw the way he wrote and therefore, the way Romantic poets generally wrote. So it was a good way of reading poetry.


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