Critical analysis of the characters

For the analysis of the characters, apart from the Freudian theory, I would follow the three axes according to Ewen. “In order to avoid reductiveness, Ewen suggests a classification of characters as points along a continuum rather than according to exhaustive categories. And in order to keep the principle of classification clear, he advocates a distinction among three continua or axes: complexity, development, penetration into ‘inner life’.” (Rimmon-Kenan, 1983: 41).

Analysing a character taking into account its complexity means to determine if the character can be considered simple or complex. It would be considered simple when it has just one trait during the whole play, or, when it has a dominant one and others, but not relevant, so the character is static. On the other hand, it can be considered as complex when it is the opposite, so “between the two poles one can distinguish infinite degrees of complexity.” (1983: 41).

Refering to the development of a character, we can make a clear distinction between undeveloped characters, who don’t develop along the play, or the ones who develop.

And the penetration into ‘inner life’ has to do with the fact that a character can be seen from the outside, “their minds remain opaque” (1983: 42) or from within the mind of the character.



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