In this paper I want to analyse the characters of Much Ado About Nothing from a psychological perspective taking into account the Freudian approach. I though it would an interesting point of view that hasn’t been almost explored. This critical approach has a lot of complexity and has been abused and misunderstood along the twentieth century by many critics. We have to, first of all, explore and know what is about the Freudian theory, what consists of, and which are the main points of it. Having this in mind, then we can try to compare and look for some similarities with Shakespearean characters.

However, one could not say that the play has to be read before in order to carry out the project. So, making a kind of summary of the play, we can say that it is a typical Shakespearean comedy in which we find two love stories. As the format of the comedy implies, it all beggins with caos, and ends up with everything properly tied up, a happy ending. Moreover, in this play, Shakespeare surprises us with two happy endings. We have the love story of Claudio and Hero, the sweet young couple, and Benedick and Beatrice, who at first hate each other, and at the end both recognise the love they feel.

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