He is a young lord of Padua, and good friend of the Count Claudio. He has a weird personality, sometimes he does the role of being hateful and then, although he is always hiding it and speaking things against marriage, he is the eternal lover of Beatrice. He seems to be a bit dominant, or maybe egocentric, when he thinks that everything has to o with him. Sometimes he plays the role of the funny man, with which audience would have a good time. He is clever but he don’t look like that.

According to the three axes we could say that he is a complex character because he has a lot of traits that can define him. As the representation of a real person, he has his romantic aspect, his funny side, and so on. In the play we see an evolution on him, so he is a character who suffers a development, he develops as a person. He is not the same when the play starts that when it finishes. Along the play we see who he changes his mind in respects to marriage and love, when he shows his love to Beatrice. If we analize that moment, we can realize that he does not act like that just because he wants to seduce her, but because what of he has heard from the conversation of the men. He wants to prove that he is not scornful and proud. But then at the end, we see that his feelings are real, he loves her.

This character shows to the spectator the way he is. His mind doesn’t remind opaque as Ewen says. So, it’s personality is clear from the first moment.

Here, in this character we have many examples about what Freud would distinguish between id, ego and superego. For example, when Beatrice ask him to challenge Claudio, at the beggining he doubts, and that would be the part of the mind that Freud would call superego, because, as he says, it is the morality principle, and what she is asking for isn’t something very ethic. But then, in a moment, and for the love he feels for her, that he would do whatever in order to please her, he says he’ll do, so here, he acts with the id. He is reacting instinctively. He might think that once he is in love for Beatrice, his herarchy of loyalty has changed, and now the most important thing is she.

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