She is the cousin of Beatrice. Although she is supposed to be the protagonist of the play, she speaks very few times along the whole play. She is characterized as an innocent young girl. Shakespeare draws her as a person who doesn’t take big decisions by herself, she expects somebody else to tell her what to do, which I supose that has something to do with the fact that she was a woman, and at that time, women were not suposed to have an opinion. So, they just want her to marry the prince and be happy.

For all those reasons, I think we are in front of a simple character, because she doesn’t show much of herself, just her sweetness and her imposibility of defending herself violently. Her character, therefore doesn’t suffer a development along the play. We could say that the same Hero that starts the play is the one who finishes it, without any big change in her. In the same line, it is the fact that she doesn’t show really her personality, we see her mind kind of opaque. We don’t see her beliefs, what she is thinking, it remains hidden.

All these contributes to make a very dificult task the fact of analyzing her from Freud’s perspective. There is no specific action that can be seen as something instinctive, o something that could follow the moral principle. Her action along the play doesn’t develop in these terms, so I found it impossible to take out a relevant fact that I could identify with id, ego or superego.

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