Bearing in mind all the concepts we have analyzed, we can achive the following conclusions: we are in front of a genius: Shakespeare. He is able to write lots of different comedies, some of them similar but never the same. All of his characters are different people, and he can reach these different personalities through their speeches. He dominates the written language and makes the spectator not only identify himself with the characters but also, Shakespeare manages him to take part in the play.
The topics he deals with in the comedies are not so far from nowadays. It is said that Shakespeare anticipated Freud’s theory. The psychoanalysis is very realted not only to his tragedies but also to his comedies. The illusions, dreams, jokes and misunderstandings caused by the mistaken identities are a way of reveal the unconscious, the knowledge and the ignorance.
Maybe we could say that as time goes on, Shakespeare’s comedies go more complex in a way. Without despising his earliest works, we have proved that one of his earliest plays The Comedy of Errors, which is one of Shakespeare’s farcical comedies, seems to deal with humorous topics. However, we observe that in Much Ado About Nothing and in The Taming of the Shrew, there is a more complex struture in the plot, and we can also find some subplots. It is as if the latest comedies had much more strenght than the earliest ones.
We can make a very obvious paralellism between female characters, in which we observe this grip. Adriana, Beatrice and Katherina, the three of them represents the same profile of woman: confident, independent… But the three are different from each other. Perhaps, we could say that their power increase with the last comedies, because Beatrice seems more powerful than Adriana, and Katherina is the most powerful of the three, in terms of rage, strength, fighting spirit, belligerence.
To sum up, we could conclude that we observe in this specific case an evolution of his comedies and therefore in his characters, but this doesn’t mean that the earliest ones are worthless.



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