In this paper I will try to find out the differences between the first Shakespearean comedy, one of his middle period and one of his last comedies. I will try to do my best in finding the evolution his comedies suffered, how the characters are shown in each play, and the main features they have.

One of the things that makes big the figure of William Shakespeare, and his plays, are the characters. The way Shakespeare describes and makes them, enable the audience to apprepiate the plots. There are a huge variety of them, and each one is different in itself, which is one of the things that makes Shakespeare so especial. Not only that, but the fact that he achieved to create believeble characters is something to take into account. They are not estereotypes with exaggerated features or allegorical abstractions as we could find in many Elizabethan plays. They are instead men and women with the mingled qualities and many of the inconsistencies of life itself. They usually emerge in the play as extraordinary human beings (extraordinary in the sense of different fro the others).

The characters, as we said, are very varied. However, he could achieve the uniqueness of each one through their brilliantly individualized style of speech. We could say that Shakespeare was an expert in the human soul, and because of that, and added to the fact that he dominated the use of the language, he could write those dialogues that make his characters always intelligible, vital and memorable.


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