First Paper (poesía)

                                               FIRST PAPER



Subject :# 14217 Poesia Inglesa desde el siglo XVIII Grupo  B

Student´s name: Nadal Ferrándiz, Carmen

Title of the paper: The Romantic poet rediscovered in the twentieth century

Author or topic: John Clare


 John Clare



In this paper I want to show you a large view of this poet. Through a brief introduction you will know how I decided to choose this author and how I have organized the paper; if you take a look on his biographies you will realize how was he, and therefore how he wrote.

Taking into acount the context of his time and his own context, we could understand much better his poetry and all his works. Not only this, it is also important to take a look to the article about the authorship of some poets, because we are given so many clues about the final result of his work.

Despite of the fact that he belongs to the 19th century, there are many books about him written after the 19th century, that’s because the interest in his work reemerge in the 20th.

Summarizing what has been said, and mixing all the information I found, I have made a kind of conclusion where I also explained my personal opinion.                     



I think that this paper includes basically most of the information about this author, and in my opinion it is organized in an easy way so everybody taking a quick view can understand what this author meant, and still mean. So, my auto-evaluation would be between 7 or 8.






Academic year 2010/2011
© a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
© Carmen Nadal Ferrándiz

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