First Paper (Shakespeare’s)



Subject :# 14159 Curs Monográfic: Shakespeare through Performance

Student´s name: Nadal Ferrándiz, Carmen

Title of the paper:Analysis of the characters in Much Ado About Nothing

Author or topic: William Shakespeare


In this paper we are going to find a critical analysis about one of the most famous Shakespearean comedies: Much ado about nothing. In the introduction we will see the purpose for which the paper was written, and the reasons that led me to do it. Taking into account the plot and the subplot of the play, I will analyze the characters who form the two couples, one by one, trying to work out their personality and meaning through the Freudian theory. And having analyzed all that, I will try to reach a satisfactory conclusion.

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I think I did a good job, so I would punctuate myself with 7.


Academic year 2011/2012
© a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
© Carmen Nadal Ferrándiz

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