Second Paper


Subject :4214 Narrativa Inglesa desde el siglo XVIII Grupo B

Student´s name: Nadal Ferrandiz, Carmen

Title of the paper: Analysis of time and space in the hypertext “Lies”

Author or topic: Richard L. Pryll

Abstract : I’ve decided to work about the hypertext “Lies” from Richard L. Pryll. I have to say that I couldn’t find much information about the author on the internet, but anyway I decided to start reading and to prove myself as a hypertext reader. The aspects I have worked about are: time and space. And I have also made a brief introduction where I explain my first impression of this hypertext and the basic tools used in it. Of course, after doing all the job I wrote a conclusion.



Bien – 6

Academic year 2009/2010
© a.r.e.a./Dr.Vicente Forés López
© Carmen Nadal Ferrandiz

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